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Monday Swing/Lindy Hop Group Class


Class Description

Got those happy feet? Learn to dance to big band and jazz music with Dallas' premiere Swing/Lindy Hop teachers, Elaine Hewlett, Jerry Warwick and Kathy Warwick and Ramiro Gonzales.

7-8pm Intermediate Lindy Hop - w/ Elaine and Jerry
7-8pm Intermediate Lindy Hop - w/ Kat and Ursula
8-9pm Beginner Swing/Lindy Hop w/ Jerry and Elaine
8-9pm Intermediate Lindyhop w/ Jeannie
9-10pm Specialty Classes -Closed Position Swing w/ Elaine and Ramiro


Take both Beginner Swing classes for no additional cost. Beginner classes are offered on Wednesday at 7pm or Monday at 8pm - that's up to 8 classes. 

No partner or special shoes required. Two left feet welcome! No dance experience required for the Beginner Class. Once you have the basics under your belt, move on to the Intermediate classes.

Can't decide which class to take? Try the monthly pass for only $95 you can take any classes you would like (level appropriate). If you are wondering which level to take, just give us a call and we can help choose the right one for you! You must be able to dance Lindy Hop basics before moving on to any of the intermediate level Swing classes.
The Specialty classes vary from month to month.
The cost is $65 per person for the entire 4-week series. The cost will be prorated for shorter series. 3-Week series cost $50, the price will be shown when you check out.

Refunds are available as long as they are requested 24 hours prior to the first class in the series. Users agree to conditions as stated in purchase agreement.